Yarrgh, ye scurvy dog!
Pirate booty! Pirate merchandise for sale

Wee Pirate Skull - Adults Women's Hoodie

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Pirate Haikus!

In celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2008, eye
these pirate haikus, yarrrgh:

loot, plunder, rob, steal
today's financial markets
pirates are ideal

Captain Karikas
has a real job, however...
Yarrrgh! Not today, mates!

September 19
yer scurvy hide walks the plank
if I hear no "ARRRrrrgghhh"s!

sea air fills me' beard
glistening cutlass prevails
yarrgh, silly ninja

I be more pirate
yer salty hide can't outdo
my two eyepatches

a pirate off-guard
speak of the steering wheel joke
aye, it saves the day

I welcome yer salty land-lubbin' pirate haikus over in the Captain's Blarrrg!

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