Yarrgh, ye scurvy dog!

Pirate booty! Pirate merchandise for sale

Wee Pirate Skull - Adults Dark T-Shirt

Arrr, it be Cap'n Karikas! Avast thar! This ship be run by Captain Karikas, scourge of Seattle USA's saltiest seas. Lubbin' pirate humor like a land-lubber lubs land, Captain Karikas has plotted a course to fulfill his destiny: accumulate the largest chum bucket of pirate jokes the world has ever seen. Thar's wind in me sails and bad puns ahead! We've been sailin' since March 2005 and won't stop 'til me heartie's run through with a rusty cutlass.

Got a pirate joke? Leave your booty here. Got a booty? That's another site. Want to contact the pirate captain? Visit his Schooner of Capitalism.

When not scouting for pirate jokes, our captain jots down notes in his captain's log, dreams of ham, and projects his piratical attitude upon all facets of life.

(Yarrgh, Captain Karikas logo courtesy of Jon "chez-chez-bootéz" Mendoza)